Guantanamo_covid19The young men Gustavo Cabrera and Alexander Mulgado define themselves as better people since two months ago they have been working with Covid 19 positive patients, in a red zone in the Guantanamo Province.

Guantanamo governmentTo evaluate the progress and implementation of the Guantanamo Economic-Social Development Strategy until 2030, based on the concretion of the actions foreseen in the territory's scientific program and their impact on the population, it was the key issue of the meeting between representatives of the Guantanamo universities , the Delegation of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) and the business system; chaired by the highest governmental authorities of the province Emilio Matos Mosqueda and Alis Azhares Torreblanca, Governor and Vice Governor, respectively.

Guantanamo_FMCThe contribution of the women to the production of food in the more than 660 patios of the territory declared "60th Anniversary of the Cuban Women Federation "  as well as their  incorporation in the Development Programs, allowed province to place itself among the most outstanding  in the country.

Guantamo Dr. Alejandro Javier Just graduated as one of the best student of the 2019-2020 academic year, from the Guantanamo University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Alejandro Javier Sánchez García takes on one of the biggest challenges in the province in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

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