Plastic surgeryWith the purpose of exchanging scientific news about different pathologies and the most advanced surgical techniques applied in the country, dozens of experts from Guantanamo recently carried out the Pedro Abelardo Urgelles Martínez In Memoriam scientific conference, prominent Guantanamo surgeon.

Region Eladio Boti, the icon of poetry in Guantanamo “Boti, letters of love,” it was title of the lecture given by Regino Rodríguez, grandson and executor of the author of the El Mar y la Montaña book, during the 39th issue of the Week for Guantanamo Traditional Culture, a meeting that seduced again those who follow the life and work of the reformer of Cuban poetry.

bat, gloves and ballGuantanamo develops the provincial series, the first category by the system of all against all, with the participation of the ten municipalities of the territory where it feeds for the national team in view of the next national event.

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