This upcoming year Guantanamo pretends to improve the quality of the teaching systemThe improvement of the education system in the different education levels and the improvement of the teaching staff in order to strengthen the educational work are again topics for discussion during the preparatory meeting for the new school year, which begins in Guantanamo on May 24 until the 26th.

Jovenes Coreografo GTMO area 264x400The Hermanos Saíz Association, (AHS), in the Guantanamo province, will hold the fourth Meeting of Young Choreographers from May 24 to 27 that will be dedicated to the dancer and choreographer Ladislao Navarro Tomasén on occasion of his forty years of outstanding career as founder director of the Danza Fragmentada Company and teacher of generations of local artists.

sweetwater creek tract cuba sumter county alabama 141942 Zt aMn XXLThe province of Guantanamo closed 2017 with 50.38 percent of forest index, the highest in the country, notwithstanding the devastation caused to the forest by Hurricane Matthew.

The leadership of the territory is guaranteed by the 306 thousand 101 hectares covered with trees, of which 257 thousand 465 correspond to natural forests and 48 thousand 636 to plantations developed by man.

1004 onatAn amount greater than 13 million 228 thousand pesos for personal income were contributed in Guantanamo by the more than 5 thousand taxpayers summoned by the Finance Statement Campaign that ended last April.

The proceeds exceeded by more than five million the income received during the previous year, Arelis Torreblanca, an official at the National Office of Tax Administration, ONAT, told CMKS.

banca movil 580x337 area 320x186With more than 30 thousand magnetic cards in circulation and 900 customers using software for remote banking in mobiles, both by digital system, the Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) in Guantanamo confirms its commitment to new technologies in the development of its management and financial progress of the country.

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