Guantanamo Literary Festival La Isla en Peso Kicks off

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Guantanamo La Isla en Peso FetivalWith a welcome cocktail and poetry recital, the VIII Literary Festival La Isla en Peso opened in Guantanamo, which, sponsored by the provincial branch of the Hermanos Saíz Association, every year expands, gains followers and congregates writers from various regions of the country. 

The work of new and consecrated Cuban authors and actions is promoted since the beginning of this meeting that bears the title of emblematic poem published in 1943 by Virgilio Piñera (1912-1979), one of the most original authors of Cuban literature in the twentieth century, and considered the greatest playwright.

The writer and cultural promoter Yecenia Ramírez, since 2019 event coordinator, explained that this chapter will be dedicated to the poetic creation of young people from the eastern region of the country and, in a special way, to remember the late intellectual from Santiago de Cuba, Eduard Encina (1973-2017), author of a recognized narrative and lyrical work.

In several institutions and open sites, the three days program will display presentations of books and digital products, theoretical exchanges, musical concert, meetings with the invited authors, photographic and audiovisual exhibitions, and the space Lecturas de Estación, with extensions to all teaching level schools.

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