Guantanamo-Baracoa Theater Crusade to Begin its Tour through the Mountains

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2020cruzadaSELLOWith a large participation of foreign artists such as the National Fine Arts Prize, Nelson Domínguez, the 30th edition of the Guantanamo-Baracoa Theater Crusade will begin on January 28 and extend until March 2nd on a journey through more than 180 mountain communities, to bring the most diverse cultural proposals to the public.

The event, dedicated to the 167th anniversary of the birth of the Apostle José Martí, to the 50 years of the Guiñol Group and to artistic education, will gather together groups from Guantanamo like the Ríos, La Barca, the Carpandilla circus variety company and the Teatro de la Totalidad. The repertoire planned for these days will include works like Retablillo de Don Cristóbal, La Culebra, Pan para la fe (Bread for faith), Ser o no ser (To be or not to be) and Petición de Manos (Petition of Hands), among others.

The local theater groups will have the company of others from Havana such as El Arca, Teatro del Caballero, the Para contarte mejor project, Total Teatro (Las Tunas), Palabras al viento (Holguin), Teatro de los Elementos (Cienfuegos), Andante y Enigma (Granma), Punto de Giro (Santiago de Cuba), Dador (Sancti Spíritus) and students from the Performance Academy of Granma.

There will also be foreign guests such as Agite and Recoveco, from Colombia; Kalipatos, from Mexico; Rayuela, from Argentina; Puriq Arte Intercultural, from Peru and Zirtaka Antzerki Taldea, from the Basque Country.

The 30 edition of the event will also count with the presence of teachers like the actor and oral narrator Agustín Montano, from Havana; the improviser Tomasita Quiala, who will share with the people of Imías from February 10 to 14; the painter Nelson Domínguez and the director José Oriol González, invited for the last editions in Baracoa.

Other attractions of the Crusade will be the workshops and talks on theater, performance and oral traditions; as well as the presentation of the documentary The Language of the Mountain every night and the exchanges with the socio-cultural projects Jagüey La Esperanza (Manuel Tames) and Arcoíris (Maisí).

There will als be photo exhibitions by artists Gonzalo Vidal, Jorge Ricardo Ramírez and Abel Carmenate, with snapshots of these three decades of going up and down the mountains.

As usual in the final days of the journey through the lands of Maisi and Baracoa, there will be theoretical spaces dedicated to the International Puppet Union and the puppeteer work in Cuba, in addition to the meeting of creative women and the Theater and Community Colloquium, planned for February 25 in Boca de Yumurí to talk with founders and audiences about the work of the crusade in these 30 years.

The Guantanamo-Baracoa Theater Crusade that emerged in the early 1990s to influence the development of aesthetic taste, capacity for appreciation and artistic creation in the inhabitants of the mountains, has served as a pretext to attract relevant figures of theatrical art, such as puppeteer Armando Morales and critic Omar Valiño, as well as researchers and groups from Denmark, Colombia, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium Italy, Uruguay, Chile, Spain and the US.

Source: Translation: RadioBaracoa

Source: Venceremos

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