Choir Festival Takes Guantanamo City

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Guantanamo Jose Marti ParkThe José Martí Park’s Shell was the stage of a great sublime concert to the Guantanamo City, in which the verses and melodies of the courtyard's authors were performed as the opening of the 10th Choir Festival Encuentro de Voces, organized by the Music Branch of the Cuban Writers and Artists Association (UNEAC) of the province.

The Anthem of the City, with music by Rafael Inciarte and Luis Morlote, orchestration of Conrado Monier, performed by the Provincial Concert Band along with the Voz Tempo Choir, distinguished the opening of the event that marks the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the city formerly called El Saltadero del Guaso.

The virtuoso Guantanamo pianists Teresa Manzanares and René Méndez accompanied the young artists Geordany Carcacés, who recited poems alluding to this eastern city, which were written by the Guantanamo writers Sobidelia Iglesias, Mireya Piñeiro and Alex Ruiz.

The Guantanamo Men’s Choir, with verses by the National Poet Nicolás Guillén and arrangements by Maestro Conrado Monier, also performed in the opening show, together with soloists of the Alberto Dávalos Lyric Project and the Fratelli Duo, artists who played classical compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi.

The program of the 10th Choir Festival Encuentro de Voces of the UNEAC scheduled for Thursday, January 30 at 5:00 pm, a special concert of the Voz Tempo Mixed Choir, at the Antonia Luisa Cabal Hall as a celebration for its eighteen years of founding, while on the other hand the Guiñol Theater will present at 8:30 pm the Guantanamo Male Choir.

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