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Guantanamo Homes for ElderlyToday there are 370 old people admitted in the five Care Homes for Seniors in the Guantanamo Province and with the same privilege a similar number of semi-boarders at 12 homes for older adults of the territory, institutions always prioritized by the Cuban Government and even more in the current context of global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Imias municipalityThe Credit and Services Cooperative Julio Antonio Mella, in Cajobabo, Imías Municipality, is committed to the local self-sufficiency program aimed at enhancing the production of  tubers, fruits and vegetables, especially at this stage when the contribution and compliance of all ensures stability of medical services and the supply to the population.

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Guantanamo restaurantThe control in the distribution and sale of agricultural products and other foods in the trade network as well as in the foreign currency collection stores, is included amongst the actions intended to prevent in Guantanamo the spreading of the new coronavirus, a pandemic that plagues the world community.

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