Famous Caves Make up the Guantanamo Heritage Guide

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Famous caves are part of the Guantanamo Heritage Guide, a region of great natural and folkloric values, and the starting point of the first insurgency against Spanish colonization in Cuba, particularly in Baracoa, its second most important municipality.

MSC. Mario Montero Campello, representative of the Nature and Man Foundation Núñez Jiménez in Guantanamo, and admirer of that place, explained to the ACN that among those caves there is one called La Patana, in Maisi, visited by the Spanish geographer Miguel Rodríguez Ferrer.

He stressed that this scientist was the first to explore the depths of the archipelago with archaeological purposes and is the author of the phrase "the whole island looks like a labyrinth of caves below".

The first thermal and biospeleological studies on these types of habitat in Cuba were carried out in the Maisí cavern, where Taíno pictographs and the Cemí de Gran Tierra, a sculptural work carved in black guayacán, with inlays of marine shell, were found, the Guantanamo environmentalist reported.

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