The Computerization of Civil Registries Advances in Guantanamo

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Guantanamo Civil Registry OfficeWith the computerization of two other marital status records, located in the municipalities El Salvador and Yateras respectively, Guantanamo becomes the province with the largest amount of these institutions connected to the digital system of the Ministry of Justice, in order to achieve the security of the documentation, as well as expedite the provision of services to citizens.

After long and arduous years working, the Guantanamo territory managed to connect through an application called SIREC, the data contained in damaged books and volumes of seven of its civil registry office, in order to connect a unique database, which will allow greater security and conservation of registration matters in the territory.

Guantanamo has 13 entities and only those belonging to the municipalities Maisí, Baracoa and Guantanamo, the most complex due to the number of issues, digitalize, according to Liset Castillo Soler, provincial director of Justice, who also added in this 2020 the priority is to achieve the computerization of all.

In civil registry office, they record events such as births, acts of last will, changes, additions and deletion of names or surnames.

 Likewise, services related to marriage, deaths, divorces and other procedures are very numerous, so digitalization is key issue to provide the service, the provincial director said .

The improvement of civil status records is part of the implementation of the country's computerization policies, an initiative that will facilitate streamlining the processes of procedures, thanks to the work agreements of the Ministries of Justice, Communications and Companies of COPEXTEL and ETECSA.

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