Guantanamo Stands out in Scientific Work

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Guantanamo-Cuban Science Day The relevant contributions to economic and social development, as well as the superior integration achieved between the scientific community, the entities and University of Guantanamo constitute the main results that endorsed the Cuban easternmost region to receive the status of outstanding province at national level in the Cuban Science Day.

This was recognized during the act attended by Elba Rosa Pérez Montaña and Jesús Martín, Minister and Delegate of Science, Technology and Environment, (CITMA) respectively, the latter highlighted the advances of that system and the challenges that motivate greater dedication to the research and innovation work in favor of progress in Cuba.

During the ceremony, young researchers and 12 groups were awarded, among which the university campuses of the territory, several units of CITMA and the Baracoa Agroforestry Enterprise, an entity that also received the 2019 Provincial Quality Award.

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The journalists Yoanna Cervera, Jorge Cantalapiedra and the CMKS Station were also recognized for their communication work in favor of this sector, as well as Federico Martínez Romero and José Sánchez Guerra for dedicating part of their lives to the work of Science.

As the culmination of the event for the Cuban Science Day in Guantanamo, the top authorities of the Party and the Government in the province gave special recognition to CITMA for its contributions to the socio-economic development of the territory.

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