Guantanamo Stands out for the Conservation of Soils and Protected Areas

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Guantanamo protected areaGuantanamo stands out for the conservation of protected areas and the improvement of soils in areas such as the southern coastal strip called the Cuban Semi-desert and the hydrographic basins, mainly the Toa River, a tributary of national interest.

These advances are the result of the sustained work of the Environment specialists together with the Alejandro de Humbolt Environmental Services Budget Unit, the Center for Technological Applications for Development (CATEDES), the Soil unit and other scientific institutions in the territory.

This is recognized by Blanca Yudith Matos Pons, director of the territorial Environment Unit, who points out that these results affect work in the 11 demonstrative sites in the province where good practices related to the sustainable management of land, water and forests are developed to mitigate the effects of climate change.

On the other hand, it highlights the adequate administration of the protected areas identified in the provincial system that stand out for their beauty, biological diversity, unique landscapes and the high level of conservation of their ecosystems.

With the purpose of increasing the numbers of these prioritized areas in the easternmost province, in 2019, six new areas were presented to the Council of Ministers to make a better management and preservation of natural resources in favor of the environment and the development of ecotourism.

The Master of Science Blanca Yudith Matos Pons also noted that among the priorities for this year continues the activities of preservation and improvement of natural resources, the decontamination program of Guantanamo Bay and the actions of the State Plan for the confrontation of climate change through the Task Life Program.

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