Guantanamo Starts Lemon Exportation

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Guantanamo lemondThe first batch of Persian lemon for export sent from Guantánamo to Contramaestre’s Tropical S.A.  Enterprise (once a citrus processing industry) was harvested by Gilberto Pérez Vega, an outstanding farmer from the Mariana Grajales Credit and Services Cooperative.

 "The cargo contained more than two tons collected in one hectare that it will yield about 15t in the year," according to Pérez Vega, after stating that under irrigation conditions that yield could be increased.

For every quintal (100 pounds) of the fresh fruit, the Base Business Unit of the Grain Enterprise of Niceto Pérez, in charge of marketing, paid the farmer 700 pesos and one percent in currency for the purchase of inputs.

"This is a safe and beneficial market, since the aforementioned entity collects the merchandise with its own means of transport and packaging and pays immediately," said Pérez Vega, who urged to take advantage of that opportunity for the remaining lemon producers.

Although from now on the main destination of its citrus fruits will be the export, the cooperative will also maintain the supply to the Guantanamo hotels, through the Fruta Selecta Enterprise.

With two and a half hectares, one of them in production, Pérez Vega intends to continue increasing its areas in response to the call of the highest Cuban authorities to diversify exportable items as an expedited way to enter the country of freely convertible currency.

Source: Granma

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