Municipal Mayor will be Appointed on January 25

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Guantanamo Once the provincial governors and vice governors are elected, the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power will designate the mayors on January 25, as the National Assembly of the People’s Power (ANPP) announced on Twitter today.

The legislative body explained that this will occur in compliance with the Sixth Transitional Provision of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, which establishes that municipal assemblies, within three months, designate after the election of provincial governors and vice governors , to those who will occupy such a position.

Ana María Mari Machado, vice president of the ANPP, published in this social network that the position, important for the operation and management of the territories, is occupied with a nomination from the President of the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power.

The Constitution is fulfilled, the institutional framework is reinforced and a permanent link with the people is fostered, said Mari Machado.

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