Cuba's President Orders Earthquake Response

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Diaz CanelCuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel urged immediate attention to the effects of the January 28th earthquake on homes and other properties, especially in the east of the island.
This is what he ordered in a meeting that analyzed the perspective of the national housing plan, which in its first year built more than 44,000 houses both by the state and by the population, who benefited from subsidies and credits.

According to press reports, the earthquake that had its epicenter in the south of the Cuban east caused the total collapse of a house, as well as cracks and other damages in some 300 houses and in schools, day-care centers and facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture, with greater impact in the province of Granma.

There was no loss of life, Diaz-Canel himself confirmed on Twitter.

Cuba aims to build 41,000 homes this year, mainly to assist people affected by natural phenomena, mothers with three or more children.

The president called for quality construction, both in the building and in the rehabilitation of properties to improve the country's housing fund.

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